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Opera 7 screen capture {float: left; margin-right: 0.5em}Siena Consulting is committed to the concept that “the people make the place.”  In other words, we believe that an organization is a reflection of its people, and the success of the organization depends directly on the quality of its employees.  Organizations have traditionally focused on areas such as process improvement, structure, and technology to compete in the business environment.  However, in recent years, organizations have begun to recognize that their people are also a critical source of competitive advantage, without which the organization cannot achieve its vision and goals.

As stated recently, "Most other major components of competitiveness are universally available: Natural resources can be bought, capital can be borrowed, and technology can be copied.  Only the people in the workforce, with their skills and commitment, and how they are organized, are left to make the difference between economic success and failure."1  Organizations have now recognized that they must have the "right" people with the "right" stuff in order to effectively compete in today's business world.  To do so, organizations must focus on proper management of their human capital.

At Siena Consulting, we believe in partnering with our clients in the effective management of human capital.  We are committed to developing and implementing cutting-edge, research-based business solutions that meet the specific needs of our clients. We have a history of developing long-term successful relationships with our clients and helping them leverage their organizations’ people resources into a key competitive advantage.

1 Rosow & Hickey, Strategic Partners for High Performers
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