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Siena Consulting provides a wide variety of human resource-focused services designed to effectively manage human capital, including:

Assessment and Selection.  Identifying top talent and positioning individuals into the proper roles needed to drive the business is a critical challenge for any organization.  The best selection systems help identify not only the most competent employees, but those talented employees who will best fit the organization.  Siena Consulting works with clients to develop and implement assessment systems for both employee selection and promotion across a wide range of jobs.  We focus on creating staffing systems that are highly predictive, fair, cost-effective, and appeal to both the organization and candidatesOpera 7 screen capture {float: left; margin-right: 0.5em} alike.  To reach these goals, we leverage the most up-to-date research findings and the latest computer-based and video technology.  Siena has a great deal of experience developing and evaluating a wide array of assessment devices including situational interviews, work simulations, assessment centers, role play interactions, in-basket exercises, biodata instruments, culture-fit surveys, and cognitive/personality batteries.  We can deliver measures through web-based or traditional means depending on the needs of the client.  Siena helps get the right people in the right place at the right time.


Leadership Development and Succession Planning.  Today’s organizations are increasingly experiencing a “crisis of leadership”.  That is, organizations often find that they lack meaningful and effective leadership across multiple levels and functional areas.  Accordingly, leadership development initiatives are more important that ever.  An effective leadership development program is critical for attaining both long-term organizational objectives such as developing bench strength and creating succession plans, as well as addressing shorter-term needs like rapidly transitioning specific leaders into roles involving changing scope and responsibility.  From first line management to members of the top management team, from high potentials to seasoned executives, Siena’s management development programs are built to address the leadership challenges of today and tomorrow.  Offerings include leadership talent assessment audits, developmental assessment centers, executive coaching, succession planning, and crisis leadership training.


Performance Management.  Effective performance management systems link human resource practices directly to the organization’s goals and business strategy.  Siena’s approach to performance management involves designing and implementing human capital management solutions that drive business results while simultaneously creating a culture of high performance.  Our performance management programs are aimed at building individual and team competence, motivating employees to perform their best, closing skill gaps, and creating the organizational systems and resources needed to support top performance.  We offer solutions such as job redesign initiatives, motivation and reward systems, performance appraisal instruments at the individual, team, and organizational unit level, multisource feedback instruments, training and development systems, and programs that link the organization’s climate and culture to bottom-line outcomes.


Organizational Effectiveness and Development.  Organizations currently face a competitive landscape and business environment filled with constant change and turbulence.  To steer through these challenges successfully, an organization must keep its fingers on the pulse of its employees and gather the information required to diagnose and address emerging issues and problems.  At Siena Consulting, we use multiple approaches to ensure that organizations understand their core strengths and vulnerabilities and are equipped to meet critical external threats and opportunities.  Key service offerings include organizational effectiveness/employee opinion surveys and focus groups, human resource and organizational culture audits, service quality assessments, environmental scanning initiatives, organizational learning and knowledge management systems, “Best Company” audits, and change management systems.


Litigation Support Services.  In today’s litigious environment, organizations often need help navigating through the maze of employment-related lawsuits to ensure that their human resource practices are job-related, fair, effective, and mitigate adverse impact.  Siena Consultants have a great deal of experience successfully serving in landmark lawsuits in a variety of capacities such as trusted, neutral court-appointed outside consultants, expert witnesses representing plaintiffs or defendants, and expert witnesses for agencies such as the United States Department of Justice.  Siena Consulting provides guidance, technical recommendations, and the design and delivery of human initiatives in both consent-decree and active employment litigation contexts.  For clients interested in reducing their exposure to potential future litigation, Siena also conducts legal standards compliance audits of an organization’s human resource practices relating to hiring, promoting, evaluating, rewarding, and training employees.


Training and Development.  The only thing that is constant in business is change!  And the only way for companies to deal with constant change is to continuously learn, both on an individual and organizational level.  In order to help organizations promote continuous learning, Siena Consulting provides services such as designing, administering, and evaluating training programs, providing employee coaching and development services, building and implementing feedback instruments, and providing system-wide training on designing and delivering human resource practices such as employment interviews and appraisal systems.


Strategic Competency Modeling/Job Analysis.  High-impact human resource practices can only be as good as the job analysis information on which they are based.  In order to create the foundation for the design and delivery of the best human resource systems, Siena Consulting performs job analysis activities such as conducting needs analyses, collecting strategic job information, identifying critical job-relevant tasks and knowledge, skills, and abilities (or competencies), and developing cross-organizational competency models targeting key organization-wide initiatives such as leadership, customer service, and teamwork.


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