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Tailored products and services.  Rather than relying on off-the-shelf solutions, Siena Consulting develops human resource products and services specifically tailored to meet the needs of your organization.

Cutting-edge business solutions.  With our strong connections to the academic world, Siena Consultants are on the leading edge of applied research in Human Resource Management and Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  We combine the latest research findings with a solid business-based approach into all of our products and services.

Customer service.  Siena Consultants focus on developing long-term relationships with a core set of clients to whom we deliver high quality and value.  Our clients trust us to do everything we can to serve their interests, resulting in a long-lasting, positive partnership that we can both take pride in.

Top quality.  Siena Consulting is dedicated to delivering high quality products and services that have positive bottom-line impact.

Value.  Siena Consulting takes a value-oriented, cost-effective approach that simultaneously delivers the highest quality products and services.

Legal defensibility.  Siena Consulting has a great deal of experience in developing human resource systems that are legally defensible.  We also have a strong track record serving as experts that successfully resolve employment litigation issues.  

Top-level consultants.  Clients can trust and expect that the same Siena Consultants proposing a project will actually do the work from conception to design and delivery.


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